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About The Beatles : The Fab FourThe Beatles (1964)

"The Beatles" at is online as a tribute to the world famous Liverpool band - The Fab Four.

Beatles Facts, Beatles Information, Beatles Blogs and Beatles Photographs - what more could you want?

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The Beatles Blogs

My Beatles Blog - A Beatles Blog set in the early 1960's, the "My Beatles Blog" features the diary of a 15 year old Beatle fan, Lisa. Quote: "Imagine if the internet had been around in the early 1960's! Experience the birth of Beatlemania through a daily Beatles Blog from 1964! ". [ The Beatles ]

Beatles Blog - A Beatles Blog on Blogspot with some very interesting modern day Beatles news stories. [ The Beatles ]

All Beatles News - A Personal Beatles Blog with pics, links and good Beatles insights. The owner of this Beatles Blog is an enthusiastic fan of the fab four and it shows. Quote: "Welcome to my little space on the web about all-things Beatle. You can expect to see some news tidbits here, my personal thoughts on the Fab Four, reviews of releases........ Keep up with the latest Beatles news, browse the links, and enjoy. ". [ The Beatles ]

The Cavern Beatles Blog - A Blog originating from a Beatles tribute band, The Cavern Beatles. Quote: "Hi there, and welcome to the Cavern Beatles Weblog. Here you will find all the latest ramblings and drivel about the band in diary form. In fact, it's turning into a bit of a soap opera! ". [ The Beatles ]

Blog, Blog Me Do - Another day by day Beatles blog set in the sixties. Billed as the essential Beatles Blog this blog is frequently updated and has lots of interesting Beatles information. [ The Beatles ]

The Beatles Blog - A Beatles Blog with lots of entries. Quote: "Welcome to the Beatles Blog. The Online Home for Beatles Fans. Yesterday's local newspaper is evolving into today's immediate and interactive Blog. Whereas yesterday's newspaper was a one-way street of information coming at you, the Beatles Blog allows you to either share your own thoughts or talk back to back to the traditional media. ". [ The Beatles ]

The Beatles

The Beatles (1964)

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